Original Traditional Chinese Medicine theory including yinyang theory, wuxing theory, zangxiang theory etc.


OverviewJingluo is the channel of energy communication and distribution in the body.Jingluo links internal organ systems and various superficial tissues of the body to build up energy communication between the interior and the external.Jingluo connects different superficial areas of the body.Jingluo is more external than organ systems. Pathoge...

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How dry makes you sick

When we talk dry, most people will remember desert, yes it is, that is how dry to show in geography, in weather, dry happens mostly in Autumn, in Human organs, it is connected with Lung system, it is one of jewelry God created for us, but if excessive, it will consume your water energy, to make dry skin, dry cough, dry throat and other related prob...

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How fire makes you sick

Fire is not a strange word for all people, it is fire energy in Heshoutang Natural Health System, it happens in early Summer mainly(in late Summer, heat happens from frequent rain) or related environments.  In nature, it can keep the world warm and boost everything growth; in the human body, it can keep you warm and well-digestion, b...

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How dampness makes you sick

Dampness is water energy in Heshoutang natural health system, when seeing this word, people may connect with humidity, yes you are right, it can moisten the environments and your body, if it is too much, it will consume and arrest your fire energy to make you feel very heavy in your body if it combines with heat and wind, you will get wind & he...

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How heat makes you sick

All people are familiar with heat but I will tell our people some exact information about the heat. In natural health, heat is fire energy, it consumes your water energy to make you feel annoyed.  Heat happens in summer mainly or hot circumstances. Heat is always together with dampness toxin to invade your body, if wind & heat attack you, ...

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How cold makes you sick

Cold does not bother Elsa but it does bother ordinary people. All people are familiar with cold, but I will tell our people some exact information about cold.  In Heshoutang natural health, cold is water energy, it consumes your fire energy to make you feel freezing. It will freeze energy flow to make energy stasis, it will freeze blood flow t...

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To know how the wind will affect you

The wind is in the first position of all six kinds of weather as we mentioned before: Wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire. The wind is fire energy, it will consume your water energy and it is sportive. Wind will blow the world when it works with warm in Spring, everything will start growing; when it works with hot in Summer, everything wi...

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The weather is important for your health

We are living in a world full of the impact of weather, we need to know some easy information to enjoy the weather's benefit and avoid harm from the weather. Weather includes wind, cold, heat, dampness, dry and fire.  The weather is from nature or human-made, human-made weather refers to the weather that is made by AC or heating system or ...

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