• Heshoutang project introduction
  • What has Heshoutang prepared
  • What Heshoutang needs
  • About Heshoutang directors/committee members

Heshoutang project introduction

  • The Heshoutang project is a creative project in the field of natural health, which has two types of creative works.
  • One is the Heshoutang Natural Health System that is used for Heshoutang members to improve people's health, it has been proved to be effective and safe in over tens of countries and it could be developed massively depending on our unlimited Heshoutang members who are trained and are going to be trained, Heshoutang Natural Health System has been approved by US copyright office.
  • The other is Heshoutang Management System which is used for running Heshoutang Natural Health System, it is the best management structure for entrepreneurs, and this management system is set in Heshoutang Global.

What has Heshoutang prepared

  • Unique natural health system tested effectively and safely.
  • Unique management system for the administration of the Heshoutang Natural Health System.
  • Well-made Headquaters in Phoenix, AZ, USA that can keep more than a hundred people working.
  • Direct Heshoutang branch offices have been established in USA, Nigeria.
  • Direct Heshoutang branch offices are opening in Mexico, Europe, Zambia and Tazania.
  • We have great agents in Europe.
  • We have prepared great marketing, management people, lawyer and financial expert to start the business in a massive way.
  • We have also prepared teachers for the instruction of Heshoutang Natural Health System and we have already 121 Heshoutang members graduated in USA, Mexico, Africa and Europe.
  • Heshoutang has established a security program for investors to secure both investors and heshoutang benefit.
  • Heshoutang has prepared an official agreement for different kinds of partners.
  • Heshoutang has prepared a complete business plan for investors.

What Heshoutang needs

  • Heshoutang already prepared almost everything for Heshoutang to grow in a massive way.
  • Right now we need more capable people willing to join the business as directors/committee members to speed up the business engine to grow in a massive level.
  • We need very capable people specialized in marketing, financing, natural health, operation, law work, and IT etc.

About Heshoutang directors/committee members

  • We only set up Heshoutang Directors and Committee Members in global level.
  • Heshoutang Directors are the people who own Heshoutang Solid Credit and they have the right to vote for the decisions of Heshoutang business operation.
  • Heshoutang Committee Members are the people who own Heshoutang Solid Credit, they have the right to contact Directors directly and suggest Directors about business operation, but can't vote for the decisions of Heshoutang business operation, they are Heshoutang think tanks.

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