Heshoutang Brand

The place to gain health & longevity. We provide health & longevity support under TCM international standard "GESIN."

The meaning behind our brand

To help you understand the true meaning of the Heshoutang brand, we will first explain the significance of each word found in the name: "he," "shou","tang." These words combined make up our brand name, "heshoutang."


"He" is the pinyin of the Chinese word "”. Its English name is crane. Crane is a type of holy bird in Chinese, usually regarded as the fairy's riding tool. In addition, it stands for the way to gain health & longevity.


"Shou" is the pinyin of the simplified Chinese word "寿” which means health and longevity. For example, we say a 100-year-old man is "gao shou" in Chinese, which means he is macrobian.


"Tang" is the pinyin of the Chinese word "." It can be used in many places and have different meanings, but here it is used for the name of a shop, shop sign, or brand name.

We have two ways to protect our brand

Firstly, we have registered our brand. Anyone who copies and/or embezzles the HESHOUTANG brand will be liable for their actions.

Secondly, we have a hologram on the products that helps you quickly verify your products.

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