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    Start growing your own business today

    Heshoutang Natural Health System is the system which allows for training in a variety of ways with highly effective and safe results.This alternative medicine course will boost your natural health knowledge and training. With access to our numerous training articles, you could pass the exam for the Heshoutang Member Certificate and be on your way to starting your own Heshoutang business.


    All you need is here

    Complete health system

    Heshoutang natural health system is a complete and easy to learn system. Within only one month you can grasp the knowledge to start your own natural health business.
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    High quality

    Heshoutang insists on using top quality herbs in its products (40 formulas). The capsule form dose of Heshoutang products makes Heshoutang Natural Health System more safe.

    Fully supported

    We'll fully support you along the way. Access a vast network of Heshoutang Leading Masters to guide you along the way. With numerous training articles and videos you'll be always on top of your practise.

    Join Heshoutang Natural Health System

    Becoming Heshoutang Natural Health System (HNHS) certified can be accomplished in a variety of ways: face to face, online, or through reading the book. It’s easy to learn, and along with short term-training, takes anywhere from 1 – 3 months to complete.

    Face to Face

    Get in touch with us by completing the application form, we will arrange your face to face training according to your location.

    Cost: 500 USD per person (USA and Canada)

    Online Course

    You have the option to take the course online. The course material along with the instruction will be provided online.

    Cost:  250 USD per person including certificate and certificate delivery.

    Read the book

    You can learn HNHS by reading the Book. We will reply to you, how you can get the HNHS book, after you have completed the Application.

    Cost: 200 USD + Shipping per person including certificate and delivery.

    Training fee in other countrie are different according to situation of local countries, and will be published by admin in the local.
    You can apply HERE, local admin will be in contact with you.

    Who can apply?


    • Heshoutang Natural Health System(HNHS) was created for the average person  who wants to have their own business and who wants to help people improve their health.

    • If you are not a doctor, you can learn HNHS just for yourself, your family members, or friends. If you are not a doctor, and you are doing other kind of business and you have many customers, you can learn HNHS to help to improve your clients’ health.

    • If you are a doctor or herbalist, but without a clinic or store, you can learn the system to work in Heshoutangs’ own or cooperated office after you pass the exam..

    • If you are a doctor or herbalist, you own a clinic or store, it is worthwhile that you spend a short period of time to learn HNHS and apply HNHS to your business.


    What do you get?

    Possibility to grow

    The current course will certify you as a Basic Member. There are six member levels, Basic Member (BM) being the first, with limitless possibilities to grow.

    Online tools

    You'll benefit access to online tools to manage online services, your customers, orders, products. Everything is readily available and at your fingertips.

    Discounted prices

    Factory discounted prices for all available Heshoutang natural health products.

    All around guidance

    Join the Heshoutang family to get all around guidance to diagnosis, treatments and business growth.

    What do participants say?

    Check our Feedback and watch and hear what our clients and students are saying about Heshoutang Natural Health System course.

    The course opened new oportunities for me and my family. I learned the basics of how to diagnose and treat people around me. What's great is that you get the benefit of mentroship and access to all the necessarry products after you pass the certification. It doesn't just end, it has continuity.
    The was easy to attend and understand even though there is a lot of information to learn and assimilate. The teacher, dr. Tom, was great and helpfull with a lot of complementary information and advice. I can't wait to learn more and start seeing my own patients.
    * - The content on this website is offered for educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.