What do our clients say?

Really Thankful

“Skin was really dry I couldn't do any physical exercise... I'm really thankful to the system that they offer here because it really changed my life in a lot of ways.”

Genesis M.
Skin irritation
Age 24

Really Thankful

“Skin was really dry I couldn't do any physical exercise... I'm really thankful to the system that they offer here because it really changed my life in a lot of ways.”

Genesis M.
Skin irritation
Age 24

A beautiful experience

“It's just really a beautiful experience and I would advise anybody any medical problems to come and see Heshoutang because this is the place to come.”

John M.
Arthritis & Edema
Age 64

Solved a medical puzzle

“Heshoutang's treatment not only allowed me to work but also allowed me for the first time in a long time to live. Highly recommend to anyone who is tired of being sick.”

Lina R.
Age 54


"Me and my husband started taking the prescribed Diabetes treatment plan 3 months ago. Since then, my glucose level dropped from 200 to 120. We used to go frequently to the wash room during the night and we couldn't get enough rest. Now everything is better, we go to the wash room one time per night. My husband is feeling much better because his problems were more serious than mine. We are happy, we feel much better than we used to before. Our circulation has improved, we have more energy and a better state of spirit."
I have prediabetes and I've been taking  Heshoutang's natural plan for 3 weeks now. My glucose level dropped to normal and best of all I fell more energetic now. Circulation in legs has improved and I can walk better now. My doctor was surprised with the results. My overall state has improved and people around me noticed the change.
"I have being working for a big department store for over 15 years, have to stand up all day, have trouble moving around with so much pain, on winter is even worse, going on my third week of taking Heshoutang's diabetes plan and the pain reduce so much. I will enjoy this winter! I can feel it. Thanks "
Sugar levels drop from 10.5 /9.5 to 6,2/7,5 (morning readings)
Small sores in mouth heals now very fast and easy, also does not get sort of septic, prior to the diabetes treatment it took too long to heal and was always sort of septic,
Body temperature during night times is now more average, prior I was overheating extremely (like fever) during night time.
I am less irritated an short tempered than before diabetes treatment.
Body weight still very unstable, losing very easily weight, lost 9 kg during the last year, and dropped 2 kg’s since using of diabetes treatment(1.83 meter tall current weight 75-76) (muscle lost only, I was not over weight before)
"I have taken Heshoutang' diabetes plan for about 2 months, my total body pain is greatly improved, it is incredible... really thanks Heshoutang... I will continue to take it"
"I just started taking gluco nature and now my early morning dizziness is gone . and i feel very strong to carry on my days activities."
"I have nerve pain on my feet for several years, I'm 66, after 3 weeks on the Heshoutang's diabetes plan, the severe pain reduce greatly, I'm 6 months on the treatment and can walk even 4 kilometers per day and free of pain."
Heshoutang Natural Health for Diabetes

Feeling better

“After coming to Heshoutang and feeling good on how they treated me I started to recommend other people to come here because I felt better myself.”

Leo Llama


Age 62

Really Thankful

“I came here because I had problems with my stomahc, the back of my head I had a lot of pain... in about 3 weeks of getting treated I feel very well. I was able to get up, go to work, do my normal things where before I had no energy.”

Marta D.
Stomach issues
Age 50

I feel great

“I had a really big pain on the left side of my stomach. I have seen other doctors that couldn't give me anything to get rid of the big pain. After 3 weeks on treatment prescribed by Heshoutang the pain was less and less until it disappeared. ”

Simona M.
Big belly pain, numbness
Age 44

Definitely recommend

“I came for bad circulation on both of my legs, I had imflamation and purpleness on both feet. The treatment I received helped me a lot, I was very happy.”

Renaldo J.
Age 55

Heshoutang Natural Health for Bones Pain

I'm very thankful with Heshoutang

“The first time that I came here I had big pain in the bones and varicose ulcer. I'm very grateful and happy and recommend people to come because they do a very good job. For the treatment that I was given the bone pain and ulcer disappeared. Greatly recommend people to come here.”

Conception Galvan

Bones pain

Age 53

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