How sex will affect your health


Sex is a very important part of human beings' life, successful sex will make people joyful, relaxed, it will also enhance and stabilize the family relationship, but there is some important information and knowledge that you need to know to keep you doing it correctly, if you do it in a wrong way or overdo it, it will also bring sufferings for you and family. Firstly, for man, successful sex depends on a strong kidney system, if you overdo it, it will consume your kidney system energy and make your kidney system weak to have waist pain, knee pain, bones pain, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, weak memory, etc. and even it can make infertility; for woman, successful sex depends on the strong liver system, if you overdo it, it will consume your liver system energy and make your liver system weak to have irregular menses, waist pain, knee pain, bones pain, private parts infection, weak memory, etc, and it even can make infertility too.

Successful sex needs a couple to take care of each other, each party can not be selfish, if the couple can get orgasm at the same time, it will replenish your energy and bring a lot of benefit for your health. 

Frequency of sex is the first important warning we need to tell people today because it is easy to follow and work, suitable sex frequency will help you build up your body, if you do sex too much it will damage your body. 

The regular frequency required according to age is listed below, please check it, if you agree and like, share with your friends:

3 times per week: <30 years old
2 times per week: <40 years old
1 time per week: <50 years old
2 times per month: <70 years old
1 time per month: ≥70 years old
When people see this information, most will complain, but for keeping you healthy, please follow this advice, because to do sex is really an energy-consuming work, according to the  different ages, after sex, the body will need different days to recover the energy to a regular level, that is why we set the frequency as the above.
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