When the body heals, it heals everything.
Benefit from a highly effective, personalized natural health plan.

An all around, unique Natural Health System


At Heshoutang, we believe natural health is a gift to all mankind. It is organic, individualized, effective, safe, and directly from nature. People genuinely need natural health and it is growing every year. 


Our natural health system emphasizes individualized health (a feature of Natural Health), which maximizes the effective rate and safety of Heshoutang’s approach to natural health.


Our system is a complete natural health system that addresses most people’s health concerns and is constantly being updated and improved by our team of natural health experts.


Without individualization, there wouldn't be a guaranteed result; hence the use of individualized health provides the effectiveness of the Heshoutang Natural Health System. 

The Healing Power
of Plants

It is brought to you in 40 unique, highly effective formulas with a successful application for over five years in USA and 10 years worldwide.
All products are 100% natural, safe for you to include as part of your daily diet and without restricting you from your prescribed medication.

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Effective individualized system

Without individualization, there wouldn't be a guaranteed result. Heshoutang Natural Health System has inherited the individualization property from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first key to keeping the Heshoutang natural health system effective.

The combination of different high standards and high-quality products will enhance the effect of the Heshoutang natural health system.


What do our clients say?

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Really Thankful

“Skin was really dry I couldn't do any physical exercise... I'm really thankful to the system that they offer here because it really changed my life in a lot of ways.”

Genesis M.
Skin irritation
Age 24

Solved a medical puzzle

“Heshoutang's treatment not only allowed me to work but also allowed me for the first time in a long time to live. Highly recommend to anyone who is tired of being sick.”

Lina R.
Age 54

A beautiful experience

“It's just really a beautiful experience and I would advise anybody any medical problems to come and see Heshoutang because this is the place to come.”

John M.
Arthritis & Edema
Age 64

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