Heshoutang Holdings, INC locates in Phoenix, AZ, sun city of USA. It is the headquarter company of Heshoutang USA, Heshoutang Canada, Heshoutang Nigeria, Heshoutang Romania. HESHOUTANG, as a leading company in natural health, has been engaged in herbal-based healthcare products and services for over a decade. With strong trust, HESHOUTANG created #1 natural products and services for God's people. People in over 60 countries have used Heshoutang natural products and services.

Easy to learn: The Heshoutang natural health system comes from traditional Chinese Medicine, but we do not use obscure words to describe this system. We use simple words which could make most people understand. Heshoutang, natural health system, is created for everyday people who could use natural health to treat people correctly. It does not need tens of years to study. Only one month of training could make you grasp or master this system to start your patients' diagnosis and health plan. Heshoutang has created over 40 kinds of products in capsule doses instead of decoction of raw herbs with an unpleasant taste; it makes it easier to enlarge the group of people who use our service.

Highly effective: No individualized, no result guaranteed, Heshoutang natural health system has inherited the individualized property of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the first key for keeping Heshoutang natural health system effective; the combination of different high standardized and quality products will enhance the effect of Heshoutang natural health system; 5 years of successful testing and experience in Heshoutang USA office has turned Heshoutang system from theory level into reality.

Safe: The capsule is low dose comparing with the decoction of the raw herb; "the lower dose," the safer, it is the first guarantee to keep the Heshoutang products safer; the second guarantee is "the individualization, it can not only enhance the effect of Heshoutang natural health system but make the system safer as well.

Heshoutang and his partner factory have created the standard of natural products of its own, this standard is called GESIN: It guarantees customers could have authentic and effective products.
After years of development, the Heshoutang business has covered Europe, Africa, Middle East, and America. We have opened Heshoutang USA, Heshoutang Nigeria, Heshoutang Romania, and also we have distributors or exclusive distributors in Canada, Romania, Poland, Greece, Sierra Leone, Libya, Mauritius, Pakistan, Vanuatu etc. for different products, more and more people in the world are forming a great team to help people gain Heshoutang natural health.
Trust is the first important rule which Heshoutang is always keeping. It is the first key that opens the door to success. Heshoutang keeps trust in the formula, the ingredients, manufacturing processing, and transactions.
Love from Heshoutang, Love for the world.