World #1 Natural Health System

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World NO. 1 Natural Health System 

There are two kinds of natural health business existing in the world: 

One is the single formula product for treating all people who have certain diseases. It could be done in a big way, but the effect of the product is not good, because one formula product could only work for some patients, but may not work for all people. No individualized treatment, no best results. 

The other is the clinic where there is one doctor who spends years on studying natural health and is using raw herbs to make decoction for patients individually. It could get the best result but it couldn’t be done in a big way, because doctors need to spend a long time on study, once doctors are skilled in treating patients, they will open a clinic themselves. A few doctors would join a big team to do natural health in a big way. What’s more, unpleasant taste of decoction could also affect the clinic to be done in a big way. 

We say that Heshoutang Individual Natural Health System is the world No. 1 because it cannot only be done in a big way, but with good effect as well from its unique properties: Easy to learn, Highly effective and Safe.

Easy to learn: Heshoutang natural health system is based on  Traditional Chinese Medicine, we use simple words which could make most people understand.
Heshoutang natural health system is created for common people who could use natural health to treat people correctly and effectively. 

Heshoutang natural health system book has only 64 pages, it is the shortest and complete natural health book in the world.
It does not take tens of years to study; only one month training could make you grasp or master this system to start your own diagnosis and health plan for your patients.
Heshoutang has created over 30 kinds of products in capsule dose instead of decoction of raw herbs which has unpleasant taste, more people will accept easily. 

Highly effective: No individualized, no best results, Heshoutang natural health system has inherited individualized property from TCM. It is the first key for keeping Heshoutang Natural Health system effective; combination of different high standardized and quality products will enhance the effect of Heshoutang natural health system. Four (4) years of successful testing and experience in Heshoutang USA office has turned the Heshoutang system from theoretical level into practice. 

Safe: Capsule is very low dose comparing with decoction of raw herbs, the “lower the dose” the safer. It is the first factor to keep Heshoutang products safer. The second is “the individualized”, it can't only enhance the effect of  the system, but make the system safer as well.