FAQ of learning Heshoutang Natural Health System

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What is Heshoutang natural health system?

Heshoutang Natural Health System is from Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is for ordinary people to learn and help people to improve their health while getting a business opportunity of their own. Heshoutang natural health system will teach you how to use Heshoutang products according to the clients' situation.

Does Heshoutang natural health system have products?

Heshoutang natural health system has about 40 formula products with capsule form, patch form, herbal tea bag form, and spray. The different formulas target different health imbalances, Heshoutang natural health system will teach people how to use correct products according to the situation of clients.

What kind of Health issue will Heshoutang natural health system deal with?

With Heshoutang natural health system, you can help most health imbalances what people have.

How can I start learning Heshoutang natural health system?

If you choose the face to face training(Orange, New Jersey; Phoenix, Arizona; Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico locations only for now), you need to pay $249.99 (promotional price instead of $500.00), after you pay the fee, we will designate a teacher and time for you; if you choose the online course, you need to pay $99.99 (promotional price instead of $250.00), after you pay the fee, we will create a learner account for you on learn.heshoutang.com, then you can use your phone, or computers, etc. to learn at anywhere and at any time. Heshoutang will refund your total tuition fee when you reach a contribution of $2499.00 (Face to face training) or $999.00 (Online Course). Pay your tuition fee HERE.

Will Heshoutang offer an exam and issue a certificate?

Yes, Heshoutang will offer an exam for all learners, and every learner is required to pass the exam and get the certificate to start Heshoutang natural health business. You can request an exam at any time when you are ready, we will assign you the exam on learn.heshoutang.com.  It is a total of 100 questions and you need a grade of 60 to pass with 100 minutes limitation.

How long do I need to learn?

It will be up to you, but according to our record of our 109 graduates, the course was completed in two weeks to three months.
If I need a license to practice Heshoutang Natural Health System?
No, Heshoutang natural health system is not a naturopathic program, it mostly likes a herbal supplement manual to teach you how to use Heshoutang products. We ask our members to learn the system and pass the examination in order to guarantee our members can use the supplements correctly for people.
When I am learning the system online, how can I get timely support if I have any questions?

Every applicant will have a Leading Master to get support, but Heshoutang has prepared a communication platform for all Heshoutang people to communicate on discord, please use this link: https://discord.gg/UsGZyys to join Heshoutang Communication Platform to ask any questions there.

Are there any successful people who passed the test and started their own natural health business?

Yes, right now we have 109 graduates from America, Africa, Europe, and Mexico, we already listed some students who already opened their own clinics HERE and are doing online consultation HERE.

How can I start the business after I get the certificate?

Heshoutang will offer management software for you to record your clients, sales, commissions and credits, Heshoutang members are required to use this management software to run the business, the software is on Heshoutang global. You can see your clients online or you can open a store yourself or you can work at Heshoutang owned office too if you live nearby Heshoutang offices including already opened and will open. Heshoutang will not let their members work alone, we have different ways to help our people to work, one is your information will be shown on our site to receive clients from the company's promotion, Heshoutang is increasing investment on marketing month by month from now to expand the business; the other way is we will supply marketing material and teach our members how to do self-promotion too.

What kind of benefit can I get if I do Heshoutang natural health business?

If you have 3 visits daily, monthly you can gain 4000-5000 dollars income; You also can have a chance to be a teacher to teach your own students, you will get 5% commission from your students' contribution.  If you have 50 students, every student has 3 visits daily, you can gain 7000-10000 dollars income from your students' contribution only. We have more benefits for you, if you have time, you can visit Heshoutang management system.



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