I know too many people in the USA like chili and ice soooo much, but I really have to tell you that you have to pay attention to: 

In Heshoutang Natural Health, Chili is a hot and spicy feature, suitable quantity of chili can warm your body, increase your appetite, help digestion, and dispel dampness toxin of your body, especially if you live in a humid place, it is also a good natural antibiotic, but if it is too much, it will consume your water energy, produce much fire toxin to mess up your body energy flow, especially for your digestion system, you can have burning stomach, acid reflux, constipation or burning sensation diarrhea, it also will increase the possibility for you to have cancer or stones.

Ice is a cold feature, a suitable quantity of ice can cool down your body, clean hot toxin in your body, but if it is too much, it will consume and destroy your fire energy to make watery diarrhea, stomach and belly pain, it will freeze your circulation to produce a lot of pains and also it will downgrade all your body functions. If you have some discomfort in your body, please reduce the quantity of chili and ice, if you already have the problems above, please stop taking chili and ice. If you are suffering a lot of the problems above, you can not obtain good solutions, you need to look for natural health solutions...(to be continued>>)