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HESHOUTANG has a complete service system to support and help all of you during our cooperation,Which include : TCM Diagnosis Online, TCM Home Treatment, Come to Our TCM Hospital, Study TCM in China, Special TCM Shop and Online Forum Support.



HESHOUTANG TCM Diagnosis Online offers diagnosis for world patients in Traditional Chinese Medicine Way, after you fill the patient form, we will reply to you and offer the treatment plan in three days...More

HESHOUTANG TCM Home Treatment offers home treatment plan after diagnosis for world patients, and home treatment possibly includes the herbal products, natural treatment tools or machines, and some training DVDs or books... More

Come to Our Hospital offers hospitalization for patients who want to come to China to accept treatment...More

Study TCM in China offers overseas students who are intrested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and want to come to China to study TCM and get the degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine... More

Special TCM Shop is diffrent with other health products or medicine shops because HESHOUTANG Special TCM Shop can offer enough information for customers to know what kind of disease in TCM concept they have got and what kind of possible product they should select, it means customers will be "Clear to Buy, Safe to Take"... More

Online Forum Support is an online after-sales service, when people get our products, they can load our forum to give feedback during taking our products and get the timely advice... More