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Our hospital is located in central of Shandong province ,undertaking the duty of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention is the municipal comprehensive 3rd -level hospital. It has completed accreditation of ISO9000 and became the pioneer TCM hospital accredited by ISO9000 in Shandong,China.


There are nearly 554 staffs working in the hospital, including 100 high –rank medical specialists, 2 national and 2 municipal famous TCM doctors. With the total building area of 94000 square meters, the hospital covers an area of 46000 square meters and has 800 beds, 30 clinical departments(which include the Dept of hepatopathy, Dept of nephropathy, Dept of angiocardiopathy,Dept of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Dept of Dermatosis and venereal disease, Dept of Gastroenterology, Dept of respiratory disease ,Dept of phymatology,Dept of surgery , Dept of emergency,Dept of gynecology ,Dept of pediatrics,health Dept for VIP,Dept of infective disease,Dept of anal canal disease,Dept of ophthalmology, Dept of stomatology and Dept of ear-nose-throat,etc).

Our hospital has the medical technology department such as clinical laboratory , Dept of physical diagnosis, radiology department, pathology department , Dept of nuclear medicine, possessing sophisticated medical facilities including MRI ,CT, spiral CT, DSA, large full automatic analytical instrument and color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus.

The pharmacy for Chinese medicine has more than 800 kinds of herb medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms.The phamarcy reach GPP requirements. We developed six dosage forms, 69 varieties of series of preparation and got very good curative effect in the applications.


Our hospital actively carry out international and domestic exchange and cooperation, had already reception experts and scholars from the United States, Japan, Russia, Malaysia and other countries.Now our hospital is undertaking the duty of foreign aid and running several international classes for health care training and medical administration of TCM. At the same time, our specialists are sent abroad to give lectures or consultation. It enlarged the influence of TCM in the world and strengthen the relationship between China and other countries.

Our hospital strengthened management, enhance the image of the hospital, thus won widespread praise and trust.In December 2009, the hospital "natural medicine green medicine" brand was awarded the Shandong Provincial Government issued "Shandong Top Service Brand" title, also has won National Youth Civilization, provincial civilized units, service brand in Shandong Province, the province's Model Hospital medical ethics, integrity of the province's health system to build advanced units, Shandong Province Hospital management units and so on.


Our hospital is dedicated to providing high quality services to our patients by providing best doctors, best treatment, modern facility, comfortable and friendly environment, safe and effective medicine.