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In order to make you understand Heshoutang brand well, we first explain it in every


sigle word "he","shou","tang", and then the conbimtion "heshoutang".


"" is same as "He", is pinyin of Chinese word "",and its English name is


crane. Crane is a kind of holy bird in Chinese understanding, usually we regard it as


the fairy's riding tool, it stands for some holy things, even stands for the way to gain


health & longevity.


"" is pinyin of simplified Chinese word "" ,and in ancient Chinese picture


is "", it means health and longevity .For example a 100 years old man ,we say it is


"gao shou" in chinese , means he is a macrobian.


"" is pinyin of Chinese word "" , it can be used in many places to have


different meaning, but here it is used for the name of a shop, shop sign or brand name:


HeShouTang, means keeping health & longevity, even stands for enough space to


developing and realizing our goal.


So "Heshoutang" means the place to gain health & longevity. Surely, it also means what


we are doing is health & longevity affairs and especially, under TCM international


standard "GESIN", the products and service what we offer will give the best support for


world people's health!!!

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