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Q: Who we are?
A: Qingdao HESHOUTANG TCM Healthcare Co., Ltd. is not only a company but an entity which takes spreading Traditional Chinese Medicine as its mission. So all what we offer accord with authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine to a great degree.
Q: What we hope?
A: We hope our authentic products and service can bring authentic benefits to the people.
Q: What we Offer?

A: We offer authentic herbal diabetes product-GlucoNature, herbal arthritis product-RheuBeat, herbal cardiovascular product-CardiOKare, herbal cancer supplement-CANTICER, herbal anti fatigue product-UPOWER; diagnosis online by Traditional Chinese Medicine way-Qingdao HESHOUTANG International TCM Treatment Center; Traditional Chinese Medicine Products Online Mall-HESHOUTANG TCM HEALTH MALL; Traditional Chinese Medicine Community-HESHOUTANG TCM COMMUNITY; Affiliates Program-HESHOUTANG Partners Program.

Q: How our offers work?
A: GlucoNature, RheuBeat, CardiOKare, CANTICER, UPOWER are single-formula products used for different health problems, you can distribute them and also can take relevant product for your individual problem; Because above five kinds of products are single-formula, they are impossible to work for everyone, so for clients who are not suitable to take relevant product, we offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan by Qingdao HESHOUTANG TCM Treatment Center, in other words, Qingdao HESHOUTANG TCM Treatment Center is distributors' after-sale service department; HESHOUTANG TCM HEALTH MALL is online drugstore for Qingdao HESHOUTANG TCM Treatment Center, all treatment plans of patients from Qingdao HESHOUTANG TCM Treatment Center will be shown on its patient room, surely patients who load this mall directly can buy products they want or buy correct products by reading diseases' suggestions which are written in HESHOUTANG TCM HEALTH MALL or by consulting our online specialists; HESHOUTANG TCM COMMUNITY offers a forum for clients to talk our products or service or for TCM funs to study and talk Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) online; HESHOUTANG Partners Program offers a job chance for affiliates who are interested to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine or our authentic products to benefit people.
Q: How we out performs others?
A: It is "How our offers work" and "our mission" make us out performs others, so if you are a patient, please do not talk our products are expensive before you take it, because you do not know how it will work for you; if you are a distributor, please also do not talk our products are expensive before you apply distributor agreement, because you also do not know how our products work and how we settle down your after-sale problems.
Q: If you are a patient, how to buy the products?

A: We offer online payment service by credit card or paypal, the links below:

For diabetes: www.gluconature.com/order_now.html

For Arthritis: www.rheubeat.com/order_now.html

For Cardiovascular Problems: www.cardiokare.com/order_now.html

For Cancer: www.canceranti.com/order_now.html

For Fatigue: www.upower.cc/order_now.html

Q: If I have no credit card or paypal, how to buy the products?
A: We offered western union or wire transfer details on bottom of the above ORDER NOW pages, you can check the page to make payment and also you can email us: heshoutang@vip.163.com or contact our online specialits to get help.
Q: How I can become a distributor of HESHOUTANG Products?

A: You can go to HESHOUTANG General Distributor Application Page: http://www.heshoutang.com/distributors_application.html

or you can go to separate product distributor application page below:

For GlucoNature: http://www.gluconature.com/gluconature_application.html

For RheuBeat: http://www.rheubeat.com/rheubeat_application.html

For UPOWER: http://www.upower.cc/upower_application.html

For CardiOKare: http://www.cardiokare.com/cardiokare_application.html

For CANTICER: http://www.canceranti.com/canticer_application.html

Q: How I know the product in my hand is original or not?

A: The verification link on every page of our websites, every pack of our product has the sole hologram, you can scrape the silver coat of rectangular hologram and type the 18 numbers in the security code table, and then click search button, you will know if the product in your hand is original or not.

The verification link: http://www.china3-15.com/EnDefault.aspx

Q: How to become HESHOUTANG affiliates?
A: Please go to www.partners-program and click JOIN NOW to become our affiliates, it is easy and also we will gift 5USD for your sign up.
Q: How we deliver products for you?
A: The fast delivery way: EMS ,DHL,UPS,SKYNET,etc., we will use different express courier according to different countries, we do not recommend slow courier, though it is cheap, because it is for treatment, treatment stuff needs to be delivered timely and quickly to catch the diseases' change.